Sleep Like the Dead,
Wake Up Alive.

Our mattresses provide the perfect landing pad after a busy day.

Advanced Mattress Sleep Technology

No mattress store in Tigard, Oregon, offers the level of comfort and customer service that you’ll find at Broadway Furniture. With an enormous and lively showroom filled with the top brands at great prices, you can spend an afternoon just wandering the winding walkways between featured furniture.

So make sure to wander over to our mattress section and get a feel for what soothes you.

After a good day’s work, you should be rewarded. That could mean different things to different people. Ultimately, though, a restful reward means that every time you lay down, you feel a wave of relief. Better than a pat on the back is something that actually supports your back.

A mattress that feels like it was designed for you. Advanced sleep technology provides just that — a mattress that enhances your sleep, rather than just facilitates it. Now, you can sleep like the dead and wake up alive.

Mattresses That Fit You

Wake up where you went to sleep. No more rolling down the side, and especially no more tossing and turning. Our Gel Memory Foam feels like a nightlong hug. With uniform firmness, our mattresses ensure long-lasting comfortability.

A surface that fits you.

Every spine is different, and the same is true of mattresses. SitRight Edge System ensures stability all the way to the edges of the mattress, while CoreSupport — featuring extra foam to help minimize body impressions — provides comfort and relief.

We offer surface feels ranging from the soft and plush to the firm and stable. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back, we’ve got a mattress that supports you.

No more overheating.

OptiCool Gel Memory Foam is engineered to keep you in the temperature range most conducive for a restorative night’s sleep. Not only that, but OptiCool is the only memory foam on the market that can remove excess heat during the night.

Despite the advanced manufacturing, it all comes down to this: Your mattress is the bedrock of your home, the thing you’ll be sleeping on for the next 10 years.

What size mattress are you interested in? Queen-sized or king-sized mattresses? Something in between? How about mattress brands? Anything spring to mind?

Ultimately, we recommend this: Go with what feels right.

So come in, and take a look. Take a test rest. Mattress stores in Tigard, Oregon, are a dime a dozen. But none of them can match the Broadway experience.

Broadway Furniture: Your Tigard, Oregon, Mattress Store

What makes Broadway Furniture in Tigard so special? Lots of things, including our long and colorful history. But it’s also our commitment to you, our faithful customer.

In fact, if you’ve never set foot in our furniture store in Tigard OR, we still consider you a faithful customer. It’s because you’ve chosen to visit with us, which in itself is an act of faith.

There are lots of places to shop for furniture, and there are multiple businesses that sell mattresses in Tigard. But you’ve chosen us, and we want to reward your faith and trust in us by making sure we do everything we can to earn your repeat business.

We believe that no sale is complete until our guests have had a chance to live with and use the items they’ve purchased from us. Once you’ve settled down on a super comfortable mattress and had a great night’s sleep night after night, well then that’s when our work is done. And then it’s time to think about your next item!

Customized Just For You

We have so many wonderful pieces of furniture in many styles, fabrics, and sizes. Just take a look at the pages of our website, and we promise you’ll be amazed by just how extensive or product offerings are.

And yet it’s more than just great furniture at great prices — although, for some businesses, that’s enough to get the job done. No, we believe in more than just products and prices; we believe in providing customized service for individuals who have specific needs and specific preferences.

That’s why we’re so keen on making sure you get exactly the piece of furniture you’ve dreamed about. We can customize just about anything — with styles, fabrics, and features to make any item truly unique and truly yours.

Finally, one thing we constantly hear from our guests is that our customer service is truly standard-setting. If you visit our Tigard furniture store, we’ll greet you, ask if you need any help, and then leave you to browse at your own pace. We’re always nearby to assist you if you need it.

And once you’ve chosen a piece of furniture, that’s when we really get busy. We offer delivery so that you can begin to enjoy that great piece of furniture right away, with no delays.

Get in touch with Broadway Furniture in Tigard today. Whether it’s for a mattress, a sofa, or a recliner, we’re sure to have what you need!

Despite the advanced manufacturing, it all comes down to this: your mattress is the bedrock of your home, the thing you’ll be sleeping on for the next 10 years. And we all know they aren’t cheap. So come in, take a look. But ultimately, we recommend this:

Go with what feels right.