There’s a lot to like about Broadway Furniture. Quality furniture, top-notch customer service, unbeatable prices, free local delivery and, of course, that famous Broadway Furniture guarantee.

At Broadway, we truly believe that no sale is complete until the customer is completely and unreservedly satisfied. And over the last 80 years or so, we’ve made a lot of customers happy.

Of course, one of the main reasons why Broadway is the furniture-sales leader is because we feature trusted brands that stand the test of time — not only in durability but in style and comfort.

Visit the Broadway Furniture showroom to see — and touch! — for yourself the fantastic collections provided by these trusted brands. We’re just a few minutes from anywhere, so it’s more than worth a drive.

Broadway Furniture’s Trusted Brands

Omnia Leather

“Personalizing Comfort” since 1989, Omnia’s exquisite styling and its artistic eye for detail are apparent in every item they manufacture. Broadway Furniture is pleased to offer a selection of Omnia’s best — from sofas and ottomans to swivel chairs and recliners. Omnia’s approach to furniture making revolves around comfort, quality and style, and those three traits are just the beginning of what you’ll discover as soon as you sit on one of their beautifully designed pieces.

Jonathan Louis

More than just a furniture brand, Jonathan Louis creates sturdy, affordable and stylish pieces and remains one of Broadway Furniture’s most trusted brands. Started by David Harrow in 1985, Jonathan Louis has become one of the country’s biggest furniture manufacturers. Made up of artists, designers, and builders, this Los Angeles-based company gets high marks from our customers for its high quality and imaginative items.

Southern Motion

Founded in 1996, this Pontotoc, Mississippi, furniture manufacturer has earned a regular spot on our showroom floors. With a name inspired by an Alabama artist’s painting, Southern Motion employs more than 1,400 workers spread across five Mississippi-based facilities, engaged in what the company’s founders call their “ongoing quest to manufacture the ‘World’s Best Reclining Furniture.’” We think they’ve nailed it. Visit Broadway Furniture’s showroom for the best that Southern Motion has to offer.

Casual Home

Casual Home perfectly reflects the environmental aesthetic of the great Pacific Northwest, made in Portland. The majority of this company’s products are made using sustainably sourced materials. Functional, affordable and truly green, Broadway Furniture is proud to feature Casual Home products. From “hardwoods to softwoods, classics to contemporaries,” you’ll surely find something to love and admire for many years to come.

Best Home Furnishings

It’s best to let our friends at Best Home Furnishings tell their story: “In 1962, two men turned their chair expertise into a yet unknown empire. … Family owned and operated, our facilities cover over 1,100,000 square feet in five locations with nearly 1,000 employees and is growing to become one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.” Best Home Furnishings, one of Broadway Furniture’s most trusted brands, makes quality products that stand the test of time — both in durability and style.

Winners Only

For 30 years, Winners Only has been an industry leader in quality furniture at great prices. The company is well known for its attention to detail alongside the durability and enduring style of its products. Broadway Furniture features Winners Only. Come in and take a test drive, and you’ll see why we’re so high on this California company.


This exceptional California company was founded in 1984 and consistently provides Broadway Furniture with some of its bestselling dining room, bedroom and living room furniture (among other fabulous items). Homelegance continues to grow in popularity, as evidenced by the fact that its operations have now expanded throughout North America, including Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando and Vancouver, Canada.

Emerald Home Furnishings

Emerald Home Furnishings has been around in one form or another since 1962. Today, the company operates out of mammoth 200,000 square foot facilities in Tacoma, Washington, and New Albany, Mississippi. Emerald has long provided Broadway Furniture with some of its most sought-after collections. The company also does a lot of good in the community, partnering with such organizations as the Emergency Food Network and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


Ahh, Modus. Where would the furniture-buying public be without your great sense of style and your commitment to quality craftsmanship? For more than two decades, Modus has been designing and building the most elegant solid-wood furniture on earth. Consistently excellent and wonderfully distinctive, Broadway Furniture is happy to sell this company’s prized items.


The story behind Algona, Washington’s, A-America is one of the most interesting that we’ve come across. The company was founded more than four decades ago by brothers Fred and John Rohrbach, both smoke jumpers with the U.S Forest Service who later served in Vietnam. Over time, the Rohrbachs became experts in the import business, becoming one of the first importers of oak furniture from Taiwan. Today, the Rohrbachs produce beautiful wood furniture that you have to see and feel to believe.

North American Wood

Offering a comprehensive and extensive line of furniture to fit every nook and cranny of your home, North American Wood creates some of the most popular furniture in our showroom. Stylish and affordable, North American Wood prides itself on manufacturing furniture customized to your exacting specifications — not to mention ours. (The good folks at Broadway Furniture love this company’s flare and attention to detail. You will, too!)

Night & Day Furniture

Our friend Mike Gallawa owns Night & Day Furniture, and he knows how to turn heads with his collection of eclectic and functional home furnishings. While bedroom and children’s furniture are their main focus, they have an extensive product line that features durable — and often dual-purpose — solid wood construction. Visit the Broadway Furniture showroom and have a look!


Made in the U.S.A. since 1990, Wallbeds is another one of our favorite and most trusted brands. When many furniture companies moved their manufacturing centers overseas, Wallbeds stayed in the United States, building a team and their family business from the ground up. That type of dedication is evident in the many real wood products they provide for our showrooms.


Oh, how we love Magnussen, and our customers do, too! Magnussen has been in the furniture business for as long as Broadway, and they’ve remained at the cutting edge of style, functionality, and durability. Magnussen’s designs will help you create that perfect living space for any room in your home.


Another one of our trusted brands, Uttermost has been in business for ages. Founded by Bob and Belle Cooper in 1975, it remains family-owned and managed. Offering a full line of fine home furnishings, Uttermost stands for innovative design, quality manufacturing and products that exceed the highest expectations of Broadway Furniture’s loyal customers.


Coaster Fine Furniture does it all. From armchairs to sofas and dining tables, Coaster is recognized worldwide for its distinguished home furnishings. And — much like Broadway Furniture — Coaster goes to great lengths to bring superior customer service to the home furnishings industry.

Ashley Furniture

With a history that traces back to the 1940s, Ashley is the world’s No. 1 furniture manufacturer. And there’s a reason for that: They make items people want, and they do it with style and pizzazz — all while remaining affordable. If you need to decorate a room or just round out a nearly complete furniture ensemble, chances are that Ashley has the perfect product for you. The company also started Ashley’s Angels, a volunteer nonprofit that provides food, clothing, and blankets to children in need. Ashley is an all-around winner in our book — and in our showroom.