While calling a mattress a best friend may be a stretch, some would argue that it has a special place in their heart.

People love to sleep, and having a mattress that helps usher them into the land of dreams is important. After all, it is the place where people can rest and rejuvenate after a long day, so they can get up and face whatever life throws at them.

Unfortunately, mattresses aren’t meant to last forever. When should you replace your mattress? Here are some important must-knows.a row of mattresses for sale at broadway furniture to illustrate when should you replace your mattress

Every mattress has a different lifespan, depending on the manufacturer, how much it is used, and the material. On average, they last about 10 years. And while you can continue to use it after that, you may notice that it is not as comfortable as it used to be.

Signs you need to replace your mattress

#1: Visible signs of disrepair

Is it lumpy? Asymmetrical? Maybe there are body impressions. If there are visible signs of disrepair like this, the comfort layers may be dysfunctional. It is time to consider replacing it.

#2: Noise

Your mattress should not make creaks, pops, or groans when you lay down on it. Springs and coils will get noisy after many years of use and this can cause the inner workings to break down. Rule out that it isn’t the metal bed frame that is making the noise. If it isn’t, then it might be time to invest in a new one.

#3: Pain when you wake up

Do you wake up with a sore back? Maybe you are stiff or feel nerves being pinched. Unless you can attribute your physical soreness or pain to an injury or exercise strain, it may be your mattress causing a problem. This is especially the case if you wake up with pain and then it subsides as the day progresses.

#4: You have a hard time sleeping

If you have a difficult time falling asleep, it may not just be you. It could be your mattress, too. It should take you less than 20 minutes to fall asleep.

If you are sure your sleep issues are not related to anxiety or insomnia, consider your mattress and the role it plays in your nightly sleep patterns. A good night’s sleep is essential to one’s overall health.

You should also consider trying a new type of mattress when you purchase a new one; memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, or other sleep surface materials can help alleviate common sleep problems.

One other quick note: You might consider buying a mattress protector, too, especially if you suffer from dust-mite-related allergies or asthma.

Please note: We’re providing this for informational purposes only; be sure to consult with your medical provider to find out exactly what’s ailing you and how — and if — buying a new mattress can help.

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