Whether you are looking for a new dining room table, a set of chairs, a new sleigh bed frame, or something else, there is nothing more beautiful than wood. Wood is versatile, tough, and can last for decades. Here we’ll discuss what wood is used for furniture.

Not sure which type of wood is best for you, your home, and your family? Just curious about what wood is commonly used for furniture? Do you want to determine which type is the best option for your home’s space? There are a lot of options to consider.


Oak is a classic choice for furniture. It is very dense, which makes it one of the strongest options out there.

Some of the most popular wood pieces that are passed down from generation to generation are made with oak.

When it comes to color, there is quite a bit of variety, including red oak and golden-brown. If you have a more modern, light space, pale oaks that are popular in the Scandinavian-style designs could be a stunning option.


This type of wood is sturdy and comes in a variety of colors, such as creamy white and dark brownish-red. It is known for its heavy weight and straight grains, and staining usually makes the unique grains really stand out.


This is a very light, pale wood that has a creamy color that goes well with homes that have plenty of warm golden accents. Maple wood is incredibly strong and is generally used in more modern designs.


If you live in an active home with pets or children, chances are, you need furniture that is resistant to a lot of wear. Cherry wood is a gorgeous hardwood that can be scratch-resistant and over time, exposure to light, it will darken its naturally pink, reddish-brown hues. It is a stunning addition to any home.


Walnut – especially black walnut – is one of the most elegant woods on the market today. Its texture and dark color are perfect for homes that need furniture that can withstand heavy use.

At Broadway, we love to customize! With a variety of solid wood options, grain patterns, including many grains from North America, it’s easy to work with us to find your perfect wooden furniture.

Plus, there’s so much variety. Hardwood and softwood (both superior to particle board), pine wood, and pieces of furniture (including outdoor furniture) that can be dark brown, chocolate brown, adorned with growth rings, and any number of lighter colors and intricate patterns.

Not sure which options will work best with your home’s design or your specific style preferences? Uncertain if more expensive wood is within budget? Browse our Broadway Furniture showroom to see the wide variety of wood furniture options we have. You are sure to find something that you love within your budget.

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