Let’s say you’re out shopping for furniture. You know what you need, and you kinda/sorta have an idea of what you want and how it might look in your home.

But then you find yourself unable to decide. Tigard, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro — too many stores, too many salespeople, too many brand names, too many styles, sizes, colors fabrics, accessories … and on and on and on.

Don’t be discouraged. Broadway Furniture knows what you’re going through.

After eight decades in business, we’ve seen it all, and we have a pretty good track record of helping people just like you find that perfect piece of furniture that fits comfortably within a budget and a lifestyle — not to mention a living room (or bedroom or dining room … you get the picture).

Questions? That’s what we’re here for! Contact Broadway Furniture today.

Located in Tigard (right on Pacific Highway, just west of OR 217), the good folks at Broadway Furniture are ready to help Portland metro area furniture shoppers find precisely what they need now —  and exactly what they’ll love forever.

Bedroom Furniture Basics

We spend a third of our lives asleep (if we’re getting the recommended eight hours per night, that is; but who does that?). For good health and peace of mind, a bedroom ensemble should reflect the life of the person(s) who will spend the most time there — sleeping, studying, watching TV, hanging out with friends, using the laptop, etc.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to bedroom necessities and design choices. For example: Is the room for kids, teens, parents, guests, or older residents?


We have plenty of styles of beds and mattresses to choose from, along with a great selection of headboards. For kids, Broadway Furniture has fun, themed headboards and bunk beds.

If you need to furnish a larger bedroom, there may be space for chairs or a sofa, plus a desk and reading lamps. Smaller rooms may require a little ingenuity to get everything you need into minimal space. In that case, you might want to consider a futon, wall bed or Murphy Cabinet Bed to maximize space. Of course, regardless of whose bedroom it is, you’ll likely need shelves, dressers, and additional storage space. And don’t forget the accessories and details: carpets, rugs, bedding, pillows, window coverings, nightstands, armoires, end tables, accent chairs.

The Broadway Furniture showroom has it all from the top names in the furniture business — all at unbeatable prices. Let us help you brainstorm ideas to create a perfect bedroom sanctuary for you and your family.

Living/Family Room Furniture Basics

It’s not called a “living” room or a “family” room for nothing. Not only are these rooms where lots of family activities take place, but they’re also the areas most likely to require updates from time to time as the family grows and evolves. Let Broadway Furniture help you furnish these spaces so that you’re stoked to get home at the end of the day and relax (or entertain guests, if it’s time to let loose a little — or a lot!).


Sofas, sectionals, loveseats, coffee tables, ottomans, recliners, accent chairs or entertainment centers — what’s your pleasure?

One question you might need to ask when considering a sofa: How many people are going to be sitting on it at once? In general, choose a sofa that has one cushion per person. Sectionals can be a good choice since they can be reconfigured, as necessary.

A high-quality sofa is an investment, so we recommend checking out Broadway Furniture’s Sofa Buying Guide for tips and suggestions.

Got cats? Dogs? Parakeets? Anything — including children — that might be jumping around on the furniture, whether they’re allowed to or not? Then it might be wise to consider fabrics and materials that are sure to last despite active and rugged use.

Dining Room Furniture Basics

Host meals and game nights with style by creating the dining area that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve got a home with a separate dining room. Or perhaps you’re one of the many who lives in a smaller house or apartment with just a separate dining space, rather than a whole room.

Maybe you’ve got a sweet breakfast nook. Maybe you’ve only got a sweet breakfast nook.

Whichever living situation you find yourself in, Broadway is the way to go. We’ll help you fill those spaces with just the right stuff.


Some folks might say that dining rooms are relics of a bygone era. We say pish posh to that! A solid dining table is a must.

Those of you for whom a modernist aesthetic is most pleasing, dining rooms and their furnishings are especially appropriate. Glass-top tables work well if your tastes lean modern. Look for a table with tempered glass that resists shattering.

What do you need to furnish a dining room? Chairs, cabinets, sideboards, buffet tables …

Studio, Dorm, Small Space Furniture Basics

You can do a lot with a few furnishings — even in a tight space. Wall beds, bookshelves for vertical storage, benches for horizontal storage, modular sofas, rugs, expanding tables, lighting, super comfy recliners, mirrors for the illusion of greater space

There’s always the option of incorporating so-called “double-duty furniture,” including — but certainly not limited to — dressers that serve as nightstands and storage benches that work as, well, benches!

Your space may be small, but your imagination is limitless. Our experts can help you find just what you need for your studio apartment, dormitory room or what have you.

Broadway Furniture

To make sure your living space is versatile and your furnishings high-quality and long-lasting, let Broadway Furniture help you turn your living areas into the center of your universe!

Don’t forget: Broadway Furniture provides delivery and set up for customers in the greater Portland metro area. Our satisfaction guarantee means items will arrive in new condition; if not, we will replace it or repair it to new condition.

What type of furniture is best for you? Broadway Furniture.

Contact Broadway Furniture today!

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