It’s not unusual for someone to ask, “What is a sleeper sofa?” The phrase can cause some confusion as to exactly what kind of sofa we’re talking about. So let’s clear things up a bit.

Generally speaking, a sleeper sofa, also known as a sofa bed, rest couch, or day bed, is a couch that can be transformed into a bed. It’s often the perfect solution for people who have the occasional extra guest who requires accommodations when any extra bedrooms are already spoken for.

Sleeper sofas come in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, and they can be described as casual, modern, retro, mid-century, and a wide range of other terms.

What’s more, they come in a variety of forms and mechanisms. (These are not your grandparents’ sofa beds.) In fact, many are available as twin chairs, loveseats, or queen sofas.

Sleeper Sofa Selection and Options

With Broadway Furniture’s customization process, we can help you find the perfect sleeper sofa for you and your family.

Price ranges for sleeper sofas usually depend on the sophistication of the moving mechanisms and, of course, the materials. There are wooden sleeper sofas and others made with processed materials.

These are popular items year in and year out because of their utility and the versatility they bring to every room. Living rooms become sleeping rooms when a sofa bed is added to the furniture ensemble.

Best of all, modern sofa beds are more resilient and comfortable than they used to be. The mechanism that allows for the smooth operation of the bed — i.e., the opening and closing of it — are much more durable and easy to manage than before, too.

For example, modern systems should glide open and closed with little to no noise. Some sleeper sofa systems feature a lock-down bar which further ensures smooth operation and fit.

Making the Right Sleeper Sofa Choice

In our experience, people are the most satisfied when they purchase a sleeper sofa that works comfortably as a couch and matches their decor while also featuring a high-quality mattress. This is because the sleeper sofa will usually function more often than not as a sofa rather than as a sleeper. So you’ll want the sofa itself to be very comfortable.

A quality mattress is one that’s resilient and comfortable — maintaining its comfort levels despite being bent and stored within the sofa when it’s not being used for sleeping.

What size mattress or the thickness of the sofa mattress types one chooses is a matter of personal taste. It’s important to remember that a space-saving piece of furniture such as any size sleeper sofa will not have a traditional mattress when it’s converted into a bed.

But depending on where the sleeping space is — living room, guest room — and the size of the mattress — twin size, queen size — plus the material — foam mattress or another material — should all be part of the conversation when choosing to purchase a sofa that forms a bed mattress when open.


We’ve also found that customers are usually very satisfied with sleeper sofas that are produced using wood or some combination of kiln-dried wood and furniture-grade ply timbers. We sometimes suggest that our customers avoid buying sleeper sofas made of softer timbers — for example, pine — or artificial materials.

Whichever route you choose when it comes to buying a sofa bed, Broadway Furniture will help you make the most of your decision. We’ll assist you in getting a sofa bed with the right dimensions for your living space. And we’ll even help you take a test drive, making sure you’re aware of all the features and customization options available to you.

Broadway Furniture is ready for you when the time comes to shop for a sleeper sofa. Let us know how we can help!

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