Virginia Woolf wrote about the necessity of having a room of one’s own. Women in ancient Calgon television commercial’s shrieked “Take me away!” In the “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy dreamed of a place over the rainbow “where troubles melt like lemon drops.”

Today, the heart’s desire of women in search of solitude and centering is a she shed. A she shed is a woman’s answer to a man cave: a private reserve filled with creature comforts and things that feed the soul.

Unlike a man cave, however, a she shed is separate from the main house. Apparently, to completely relax, women need to put a bit of distance between themselves and everyone else.

A she shed can be whatever you want. If you judge from the bazillion Pinterest posts on the topic, most denizens of these womanly refuges use their rooms to pursue crafts and hobbies and surround themselves with blooming flowers, twinkly lights, soft pillows and whimsical decor.

If you happen to have a little cottage in your backyard, then you have the basis of your retreat. But, you can also build a tiny house or shed.

If a standalone hut is not in the stars, use a spare room in your home to fashion your version of a she shed. Once you get your space, the fun begins.

Essential She-Shed Furnishings

You can decorate on the cheap with things you have and garage-sale finds. However, for the foundation pieces of your room, buy quality furniture.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your space cozy and comfy:

A couch or daybed. Daybeds are great because they have an old-fashioned charm and you can take a nap. A small sofa or loveseat is also a good choice.

A really great overstuffed chair. If you don’t have room or desire for a sofa, a big, cushy chair is just as good. Change the look each season with slip covers.

An ottoman. You’ll need a place to put your feet while you’re in your big cushy chair. Get an ottoman that has storage. Tuck your craft supplies or reading material safely away when you’re not using them.

A table or desk. If your hobby requires a table, consider a practical kitchen table or simple desk. If you don’t need a working space, a small coffee table or side table will suffice.

An area rug. A rug provides warmth and comfort and makes your shed look welcoming. Add a carpet pad if your shed has a concrete floor.

Shelves and storage. Simple shelves, a dresser or cupboard will keep clutter from taking over your shed.

A cocktail cart. Because relaxing with snacks and drinks is the best.

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