When you think of the word “rustic,” what comes to mind? Most people think of things that look vintage or earthy. Rustic furniture is exactly that.

The term comes from the Latin word rusticus, which means peasant. Rustic furniture often uses twigs, sticks, and logs for a look that is straight from nature.


Rustic furniture dates back to the mid to late 1800s, where chairs and seats were carved out of tree branches. Over the years, the furniture quality has developed, and higher quality pieces are now created, such as Adirondack chairs from the Adirondack Mountains.

However, rustic furniture could also be the complete opposite, meaning it could be a piece of furniture with minimally or completely untreated treated logs or branches that make it look “raw” or “natural.”


Rustic furniture can be seen in homes of all styles: traditional, modern, craftsman, and more. Many people not only like using them inside their home but outside for patio display or for use in their gardens. There are also historical rustic pieces that can be found in museums around the country: log furniture and other wooden furniture, dining tables, and more.

Aledo Conversation Sofa rustic furniture

Aledo Conversation Sofa

There are a lot of different types of rustic furniture pieces out there made from wood, such as willow, hickory, cedar, and more. Chairs and tables are very popular, but you can also find love seats, desks, rockers, headboards and bed frames, and cabinets designed for the dining room.

A more recent trend is recycling pieces of solid wood, reclaimed wood, or pallets and crafting them into accent pieces or furniture for both inside and outside use.

Rustic Furniture Selection at Broadway Furniture

Antique White and Brown Two Tone Two Door Tall Cabinet Rustic Furniture

Antique White and Brown Two Tone Two Door Tall Cabinet

At Broadway Furniture, we have a variety of rustic-style furniture and accent pieces. Whether you are redesigning your bedroom or considering a full living room furniture refresh that beckons people to “come back to nature,” we have the selection that customers have come to count on.

Come visit our showroom today to see what options you have. Or take a look at a few of our choice selections that would fit in any furniture ensemble:

In fact, you can find just about any style of furniture that you want! Be sure to ask us about our furniture customization services.

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