You’ve got so many ways wood floors can be damaged—from furniture scrapes to excessive foot traffic to just having pets in general—that you need all the help you can get to keep them pristine.

Turns out that rugs are a great way to do so – they are one of the primary ways to keep your wood floors looking their absolute best. We’ll lay out a few reasons why.

1. Pair the right rug with the right room

We have two things to say here: runner rugs and area rugs.

Each serves a different purpose, but knowing about them may help you for what to search/ask for. Runner rugs are great for hallways, entrances and high-traffic areas (especially near the garage), as they essentially keep scuff marks and debris from marking up the floor.

Area rugs are great for open spaces. While smaller ones look great, you may consider oversized area rugs (ones which extend to the walls) in rooms with tons of activity. These are also great if you live in an apartment building and want to keep the noise from traveling downwards.

2. Buy non-skid pads help keep the furniture from scraping

Certain rugs have a material whose backside could actually damage wood floors. People buy either dual-sided felt pads (which are best for non-slippage and for being inconspicuous under the rug) or synthetic rubber pads (which are the least expensive option).

Your best bet, however, is to buy pads made out of natural materials. Reason being, some pads have a sticky finish that can be damaging to your floors when you remove them (this is why we also urge against using double-sided tape).

3. Protecting from pets

For one, just the nails alone from pets can cause long-term damage to your wood floors. Having a rug can absorb these scratch marks.

Second, have you ever seen a dog thirstily attack a water bowl? That water goes everywhere! To keep your wood floors from getting any water damage, it’s great to place a rug underneath their bowls.

Wood floors are ultimately a long-term investment for your home or apartment. It helps to protect these as much as possible, for your budget and the overall look of your home.

We believe rugs are the most effective (and most beautiful) way of doing so. You can start browsing our area rug selection, or even make a stop into our store to check them out yourself!

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