What’s better than a pleasant evening spent in comfortable splendor, stretched out in a perfectly suited recliner in Portland OR?
Or think about a Saturday afternoon: You’ve just mowed the lawn, all the weekend chores are done, and the game’s about to start.
Take a seat, recline it back, and prepare for some domestic bliss.
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Recliners: A Brief Look Back

Like many of you, we here at Broadway Furniture are recliners ourselves. We love to put our feet up and relax with a good show or a great book.
There’s loads of historical precedent for this method of relaxation, by the way. Many of the more popular name brand reclining chairs got their starts within the past 100 years or so. But the idea of reclining furniture goes back to at least the 1800s and probably earlier.
Specifically, in the mid-1800s, French designers created a reclining piece of furniture that functioned as a chair, bed, and chaise longue all in one. The story goes that Napoleon III had one of his own.
Through the years, recliners have gotten even more comfortable. Modern reclining mechanisms glide seamlessly from one position to another. Contemporary recliners can come loaded with extra features, such as power reclining mechanisms that ease you into the perfect position for reading, napping, watching television, or just generally relaxing.
There’s more! Most of our recliners are available in a variety of different fabrics and/or leather upholstery. In fact, some of our recliners have more than 700 different fabric options, so you can be sure to find something that fits your style and your home’s decor.
Furthermore, there is a wide variety of fabrics designed to repel liquids and remain anti-microbial, so cleanup is a snap.

Relax! Broadway Has The Recliner For You

The journey to your own slice of reclining heaven begins and ends at Broadway Furniture. Our finely curated selection is more affordable than most and more customizable than anybody.
Broadway Furniture in Tigard excels at getting our customers exactly what they’re looking for, with a selection of recliners, fabrics, colors, and features that will help you pinpoint precisely the kind of recliner that will make you most happy.
One last thing: If we don’t have what you’re looking for in our showroom or in our local warehouse, we can almost certainly find it in one of our West Coast warehouse locations.
Looking for recliners in Portland, Oregon? Here they are!