What’s better than a pleasant evening spent in comfortable splendor, stretched out in a perfectly suited recliner? Or think about a Saturday afternoon: You’ve just mowed the lawn, all the weekend chores are done, and the game’s about to start. Take a seat, recline it back, and prepare for some domestic bliss. The journey to your own slice of reclining heaven begins and ends at Broadway Furniture. Our selection is bigger than most, more affordable than most, and more customizable than anybody. Broadway Furniture in Tigard excels at getting our customers exactly what they’re looking for, with a selection of recliners, fabrics, colors, and features that will help you pinpoint precisely the kind of recliner that will make you most happy. One last thing: If we don’t have what you’re looking for in our showroom or in our local warehouse, we can almost certainly find it in one of our West Coast warehouse locations.