Lots of people think China cabinets had their heyday in the 17th century — or some long-ago epoch when they well-to-do needed a place to display their expensive and fancy wares. It’s been said that the queens of England in the 1600s had them displayed about, thereby introducing them to the Western world. Yet despite their historic pedigree, China cabinets are still the perfect modern accompaniment to a well-furnished dining ensemble. They’re never out of style. Broadway Furniture in Tigard has a huge selection of China cabinets to fit any sized room and any family’s budget. Some of our favorites: the Hartford 52-inch by Winners Only; the Ilana China Cabinet by Coaster; and the Bellamy China Cabinet by Magnussen. And that’s just a small glimpse of our extraordinary selection — the absolute biggest anywhere. Plus, if we don’t have what you’re looking for in our local warehouse, we can find it in one of our West Coast warehouses!

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