Is your baby growing out of her crib? A sweet rite of passage is remodeling a toddler’s room to suit a bigger girl. When a little girl reaches a certain age, she’ll have ideas about how she wants her room to look.

Princess-inspired decor is a perennial favorite of girls. From Ariel to Cinderella, Belle to Elsa, princesses are everywhere. If your daughter longs for a room fit for royalty, it’s not hard to design a princess bedroom that will make her beam with happiness.

Here’s what to do:

Choose a Princess Bedroom Set

Choose a girl’s bedroom set you can style with princess colors and accessories. Broadway Furniture has several bedroom sets to appeal to the children in your family.

Princess-inspired pieces feature clean, soft colors and lines. Some have floral touches and elegant scrolls. You can select a canopy bed with matching dressers and bedside tables. Or pick a bed with a lower yet equally chic frame.

One of the beautiful things about quality furniture is that it lasts for years. When you buy classic pieces, your daughter will continue to love them as she grows.

Choose Main and Accent Colors

While pink is the favorite of many little girls, any pastel or neutral will play into a princess theme. Many bedroom sets for girls come in white, but blond wood also looks exceptional.

Sometimes an entirely pink or pastel room is too much. If you keep the walls and bigger pieces of furniture in a neutral color, then you can go to town with pink, purple or gold accents.

Add Bedding, Curtains and Textiles

The princess look features fluffy, shimmery or plush fabrics. You can dress up a canopy bed with gauzy drapes and fabrics. The same goes for window dressings.

If you choose a more traditional bed frame, you can create a faux canopy on a wall or ceiling. Accessorize the bed with pillows. And make curtain pulls with ribbon, lace or beads. Don’t forget fluffy rugs and throws.

Don’t Skimp on Accessories

Choose other furniture and accessories based on your child’s interests. A comfortable overstuffed chair is practical for reading and looks lovely upholstered in plush fabric. While a little girl may not spend much time sitting in a chair, visitors to the royal chamber will welcome a cozy chair.

An ornately framed mirror plays into the princess fantasy. A small table and chairs are perfect for young children. An older girl may like having a desk that matches the rest of her furniture.

Hang Art and Lighting

A chandelier is the perfect finishing touch in a princess bedroom. If this seems a little too fancy for a child, choose some accent lamps with poofy shades.

When it comes to art, the possibilities are wide open. If your daughter is enamored of popular animated movies, frame a poster or two featuring their heroines.

For a more sophisticated look, frame reproductions of still lifes or hang twinkling lights on the canopy. If your princess has bold tastes, consider making an accent wall by painting a colorful mural.

As you decorate your daughter’s room, be sure to include her in the fun. Look at pictures and magazines together, and please bring her into our showroom where she can see bedroom sets for herself.

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