When Broadway Furniture first opened its doors more than 80 years, we were already committed to some of the core principles that still guide our business today.

Of course, we rely on some of our most trusted furniture brands to continually provide us with new inventory that not only stands out for its contemporary designs but also stands the test of time because of its rugged construction and durability.

Omnia Leather Furniture: Customizable, Comfortable, Extraordinary

For three decades now, Omnia has been “Personalizing Comfort.” It remains a staff and customer favorite due to its beautiful styling and Omnia’s admirable and artistic eye for detail.

Omnia believes that comfort is personal.

“It is more than how comfortable you feel sitting in a chair,” Omnia says. “It is about accommodating your needs to create the right style for you.”

With a team of skilled craftsmen, Omnia combines artistry and expertise into truly wonderful, American-made furniture designs.

Features and Benefits of Omnia Furniture

There’s a lot to love about American-made Omnia leather furniture. The pieces are stylish, durable, and wonderfully customizable. That means you can personalize your piece so that it reflects precisely what you want in terms of features, appearance, texture, and comfort.

When you visit Broadway Furniture’s website, you’ll see a lot of nifty Omnia items. A lot. But it’s important to remember that even this robust selection is just a small slice of what’s available.

Ask today about customizing Omnia leather furniture. Every Omnia piece is custom-ordered, and there are a ton of possibilities. Plus, Omnia’s warranty is among the best in the business.

At Broadway, we focus on customer service and quality furnishings at unbeatable prices. Let us help you create the furniture you’ve always wanted.

Visit Broadway Furniture in Tigard today! We’re just minutes from anywhere in the Portland metro area.


When looking at Omnia’s product literature, or when the staff at Broadway Furniture demonstrates the products for customers, we’re constantly reminded of just how much can be done to reconfigure Omnia’s already-excellent items. The only limit, truly, is the imagination. And some of the products even exceed that!

Consider some of the options available on Omnia’s popular sectionals:

  • Wood Leg Finish (cherry, chocolate, espresso, honey oak, shadow)
  • Chrome Leg
  • Nail Heads

Each piece made by Omnia can be customized and personalized. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, Broadway Furniture sells high-ticket Omnia items by determining how best to make the customer happy with the personalization process.

Plus, Omnia Leather has one of the best warranties in the industry.


For the better part of the 21st century, Omnia has participated in a recycling program that saves hundreds of trees and many thousands of pounds of paper. It’s one reason why they’re a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Omnia creates beautiful products that also help our shared environment. In fact, they offer “Eco-Earth Solutions” in more than 125 styles. Consider it the new standard in furniture design.

Omnia also utilizes other earth-friendly practices, including the use of water-based glues and green initiatives, such as energy-saving ventilation and lighting systems, at their facilities.

Omnia at Broadway

Broadway Furniture proudly offers a wide selection of Omnia furniture — everything from ottomans and chairs to recliners, sofas, sectionals, and sleepers. All of them customizable, personalizable, and truly, absolutely, stylish and comfortable.

Of course, what also draws people to Omnia is the leather. Featuring styles including embossed nubuck to pebbled leather, Omnia offers more than 400 different kinds of leather, so you’re sure to find something that suits your specific tastes. (Contact Broadway Furniture for availability.)

Omnia uses only 100% top-grain leather in its product line. That means style, comfort and, perhaps most important of all, strength. Because they use only top-grain leather, their products age beautifully as your piece adapts to your family’s lifestyle. And each Omnia hide has its own unique markings, reflecting its particular history.

Omnia works hard to find the best hides with the most beautiful details that become richer and more satisfying over time.

Consider the following Omnia Leather products — all made in the U.S.A. and available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and leathers. And remember: This is just the smallest taste of the Omnia products that Broadway Furniture can provide for you. With a seemingly infinite array of options, you can truly create the furnishings that suit you and your lifestyle.

Dallas Sofadallas chair with omnia leather in Portland OR

With a spacious and comfortable arm design, the Dallas sofa also has a sleeper option. With individual seat cushions and wooden legs available in several finishes. Available in 100% top-grain leather or fabric. It also comes in a variety of colors and your choice of nail trim.

Alamo Accent Chair

The Alamo Accent Chair features a smooth and rounded backrest. The comfortable and ingenious design blends perfectly with the similarly rounded aralamo chair with omnia leather in Portland ORms, promising comfort and style that will last a lifetime.

Aledo Conversation Sofaaledo sofa in Portland OR

Truly a beautiful and sturdy piece of work, the Aledo Conversation Sofa features all of the standards that make Omnia such a wonderful brand. Customizable with your choice of nail trim, color, and available in leather or fabric, this is a true connoisseur’s choice.

Broadway Furniture has so much more to show you! Visit the Broadway Furniture showroom to test out some of these amazing items (call for availability). You’ll see just why Omnia Leather remains at the top of the list for both consumers and those of us here at Broadway who sell furniture for a living.