When it comes to decorating your living space, there are a lot of different styles and furniture pieces to choose from. How about mixing modern and traditional living room furniture?

If you enjoy and appreciate both modern and traditional furniture designs, you may want to consider mixing them together. This might initially seem like a big no-no. And while it can be challenging, simply because they are both totally opposite, you can be successful in merging the two styles together.

Here are some tips on how to best do that.

#1: Decide your most dominant style.

When you decide to mix interior design styles, decide which style will be dominant.

Modern is usually the preferred style to keep as the base because it is more simplistic and provides more of a neutral ground to work with.

Traditional pieces offer a unique flair or personality to the room. Modern shapes in the sofas, chairs or coffee table are a good place to start, then add some traditional rugs, artwork, or side tables to mix things up.

This not only makes the space look different, but it can be a great way to add balance to the room.

Remember, although they may not seem to go together, mixing modern and traditional furniture, such as a modern chair and an ornate, antique table from the 1800s, can work surprisingly well.

#2: Use accent pieces to your advantage.

Want to add some color and dimension to your space? Layer rugs together. Add a neutral base colored rug, then a smaller patterned rug above it.

This is especially great for modern spaces with clean lines. To contrast and change how the room feels, find a couch or loveseat that has softer lines to it, rather than rectangular or square lines.

Modern furniture can be designed with any number of shapes and undulations; it can also be more spare and rectangular. So keep in mind that there’s a vast selection from which to choose when building your interior furniture ensemble.

#3: Take note of your color scheme.

Traditional designs generally use more warm colors, whereas modern designs are cooler. To blend the two and be boldly colorful, use a more neutral or cool color scheme with your traditional furniture pieces, but use the wall color to contrast and establish a more modern, updated look.

This piece focuses on living room design, furniture styles, personal style, and other ways to find living room ideas to make your traditional space a modern interior — or vice-versa.

However, mixing modern and traditionally styled designs works for dining rooms, family rooms, and more, as well as other types of furniture (dining chairs, tables, master beds, etc.).

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