What is minimalist furniture? Minimalist style is exactly as it sounds: minimal. It is not flashy, but it is incredibly popular and has been influential, not only in the design field, but in technology, web design, films, cars, and more. And not only has it made its impact in style but as a principle as well.

Minimalist design details

Minimalism is a design trend that began in the 20th century and has permeated today’s graphic and visual designs. Minimalist style is characterized by its design being stripped down only to the essential elements.

Alouette End Table by Homelegance to illustrate minimalist furniture

Alouette End Table by Homelegance

Whether it’s designing a company brochure or decorating your living room, the idea of less is more is the key here.

Not including unnecessary elements in your interior design is important. Details count, but remember that things should look uncluttered, sophisticated, and simple. Also, it is important to keep in mind that not every space should be filled; white space is a key element of minimalist design.

What type of furniture is used in minimalist interior design?

Minimalist furniture and accessories focus on functionality, usability, and comfort. Flat, smooth surfaces and strong clean lines help create a bold statement for a room. Highly patterned furniture or accessories are usually not part of a minimalist design.

Simplicity with bare walls, minimal artwork, and monochromatic color schemes of grays, beiges, and whites are most common in this style.

Albany Stationary Sofa by Omnia Leather to illustrate minimalist furniture

Albany Stationary Sofa by Omnia Leather

Minimalist spaces do not have to be cold and sterile-looking, though. There are many ways to keep the spaces warm and welcoming. Consider combining different shades and textures with your color scheme, either with fabrics, rugs, or decorative accessories. Using different textiles with drapery, bedding, and cushions is a great way to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

At Broadway Furniture, we have many different types of furniture and decorative accessories that work well with minimalist designs. Whether it’s a new bed frame, a coffee table, and couch, or a new accent chair to go in your office, we have a lot of options within your budget.

Take a look at just a few of our minimalist furniture pieces:

Come visit us today to see more of our selection. We can help select pieces of furniture for the minimalist living room in your mid-century modern. We can also help you choose accessories such as floor lamps to go with your minimalist-style side tables (with eye-catching modern designs, of course) for small spaces, large spaces, and space in between!

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