Your home is your haven. Furniture carries positive energy and style into your home. When you find a sofa or table attractive, it’s because it’s welcoming. The design, color, shape and size appeals to you because when you think about sitting on the cushions or chairs, it just ‘fits.’ Magnussen Furniture manufacturer understands. Their collections reflect your needs for functional beauty, durability and affordability. If you’re shopping for dining room or bedroom furniture, the place to go is Broadway Furniture. Portland residents can shop a large range of their furniture and sets at our store so that your home decor possibilities are virtually endless.

Choosing a Dining Room Set

A dining room table isn’t just a place to share a meal. It’s a substantial piece of furniture creating a tone for the room. Using information from the manufacturer reviews, we’ve put together guidelines for you to consider when choosing your dining room set from Magnussen Furniture:

  • Magnussen Furniture dining room setHow large is your dining area? Your dining room table should have at least three feet of space on each side for easy movement. After measuring, subtract six feet from the length and width dimensions to get the appropriate table size. In a large room, a bigger table will ground the space. A smaller room will benefit from a more modestly sized table.
  • How many people will sit at the table? Each person needs 22 to 24 inches for comfort, a bit more if for wider chairs. If you host holiday dinners, look for tables that can expand.
  • What role does the dining room play? Choose a design that fits your lifestyle. A dining table should serve guests but not overwhelm the room.
    • Rectangular Tables are traditional designs that seat more people, especially with leaves to extend the table top.
    • Square Tables are modern and unique, smaller in size for more intimacy. Some designs expand into rectangles with leaves.
    • Round or Oval Tables give you more space and curves in a rectangular room or small area and encourage quiet and easy conversations. Round designs become more accommodating when extended into an oval.
  • What is your style? If you prefer traditional, look for rich wood finishes like mahogany or cherry and carved table legs. If you’re a little bit country, then chunkier construction, like a trestle table and distressed woods (oak or maple) are for you. If you’re modern, choose thinner table tops and chair legs in darker colors like black, dark grey or espresso brown.

When choosing your dining room set, lean on the table to check stability and sit in the chairs to assess comfort. Chair height should allow you to cross your legs without bumping the table. A quality-built table will last five to 10 years – and Magnussen’s timeless designs, perfectly proportioned to meet your needs, will help you create a wonderful gathering place in the home.

Choosing a Bedroom Set

We rest in our bedrooms after a long day. We find quiet time there and the occasional family huddle. It’s a room that deserves comfortable, stress-free furniture. Here are some tips to use when selecting your bedroom furniture.

  • How large is the bedroom? After measuring the space, draw a layout of the furniture you want in the room like bedside tables, dressers, and chests. If you have a large, high-ceilinged room, multiple pieces will fill the space. Smaller areas are better suited to low profile furniture and fewer pieces.
  • How much wall space is available? Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom. The best wall for the bed will allow you to place additional furniture around it without interfering with a window, doorway, walkway or closet. Allow about 18 inches around the bed for access.
  • What is your style? Choose colors and styles you associate with positive memories and feelings to design a nurturing, pleasant bedroom space by Magnussen.
    • Magnussen’s Ashby Bedroom Collection patina white finish, nickel hardware and seeded glass create an urban cottage style.
    • Magnussen’s Southampton Collection’s classical style with a painted black finish and brushed nickel accents adds grace and tradition to your bedroom.

Magnussen Furniture found at Broadway Furniture in Portland, Oregon

Magnussen Furniture dining room and bedroom collections are available to buy from Broadway Furniture. Let us help you enhance the most important rooms in your home with style and class.

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