Are you looking for a new bed that your guests can use when they stay the night?  It’s nice to have a comfortable area where friends and family can kick back and relax. You don’t need to have an extra bedroom to create a welcoming space for visitors.

Futons versus sofa beds

Futons come in various models and styles. This one has built-in storage.

If you need a space-saving option for a guest bed, consider a futon or a sofa bed. Both pieces are versatile, comfortable and can be stylish.

Which is the right choice for you? You can’t go wrong with either option. However, there are differences and each choice has pros and cons.

Here’s what to consider when comparing futons and sofa beds:


Lower the backrest to change a futon from a sofa to a bed. Futon mattresses are one piece and vary from soft to firm. Futons are usually wide enough for two people, but they also come in twin and full sizes.

Futons are great for small spaces and can be inexpensive. They’re portable and lightweight. If you move often, a futon can be a good choice.

Although futons have many benefits, when they’re folded down they are low to the floor. Getting in or out of a futon bed can be difficult for some people.

Choose a futon if your decor is casual. Futons have a relaxed feel, although they come in more styles and options than they once did. You can see our selection of futons here.

Sofa Beds

Futons versus sofa bed.

Choose a sofa bed rather than a futon if you prefer the look of a traditional couch.

Sleeper beds, otherwise known as sofa beds, look like a regular couch,  but they pull out into a comfortable bed. A sofa bed is often easier to get in and out of than is a futon.

Like other sofas, a sleeper can be casual, modern, classic or formal. You’ll find them in styles to complement any type of decor, with a variety of colors and patterns.

Sleeper sofas are generally more expensive than futons, especially if you want a high-quality piece with a soft and comfortable mattress.

Sofa beds sometimes don’t wear as well as a futon because the mattresses inside are folded for long periods of time. Because of the fold, the mattress can sag and wear out more quickly than a futon’s.

Check out some of our sofa beds.

Which one is right for you?

Decide how you will most often use the piece. Will it mostly be used as a couch? Or, will it serve mainly as a guest bed? Your answer will help you choose the one that’s most comfortable. Another consideration is your home’s style. You’ll want a piece that looks right with your other furnishings.

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