A man cave is a space where a guy can let loose and indulge in his favorite pastimes and pursuits. A familiar image of a man cave is one that resembles a subterranean sports bar, with low lighting, comfortable chairs, at least one huge screen and decor only a dude can love.

But, your retreat will reflect your tastes and hobbies. Harris, a Portland-area writer, said his man cave would have a popcorn machine, a projector for film screenings and the most comfortable chair imaginable, one that “feels like a cloud.”

His colleague Tom has a different vision. “I’d want a den,” said Tom. He’d fill it with his books, a huge writing table and a great leather chair. And, Tom’s cave wouldn’t be a cave. It would have good lighting, and it would not be in a basement.

Dream Big But Start Small

A man cave may serve a practical purpose, but it’s essence is the fulfillment of a fantasy. Let your imagination wonder and conjure up ideas for your ultimate man cave.

Make a list of everything you want. When the list is complete, edit and prioritize it. Identify must-haves and make a budget.

You can build your room in stages. Start with the basics. Add and embellish from there. Even a modest budget will go a long way if you shop smart.

Essential Furniture for Your Man Cave

Whatever is your ideal, every man cave requires the same essential furnishings: seating, lighting, tables and storage. From there, everything is a variation on your theme.

Seating: You’ll need a chair, one that’s sacrosanct, reserved for you and shared only with VIP visitors. Recliners are a traditional choice, but consider an armchair, club chair or gaming chair. The only requirement is that you love it. If you plan to entertain, add enough seating, anything from bar stools to a sectional. Adding a futon, sofa bed or a wall bed gives you a place to stretch out and dream.

Tables: You need a place to set your snacks and drinks while you’re kicking back. Get a couple of side tables or a coffee table. Consider a table for playing cards or other games, or a just a large multi-purpose table that could double as a desk.

Lighting: Lamps are perfect for reading and other tasks. You can build yourself a great lighting design with several well-placed floor lamps, table lamps or shelf lights.  

Shelves and media storage: A den needs sturdy bookshelves for your leather-bound books. You’ll also need a media console for your audio-visual equipment. If your cave doesn’t have an official bar, use a cocktail cart, table or ottoman. These will hold lots of goodies when you’re entertaining but also serve as storage for the random gear that you keep in your room.

Find Unbeatable Values

Your man cave may evolve with your changing tastes. To give your room versatility and longevity, choose quality items that stand up to the rough-and-tumble of life in a man cave.

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