When you walk into Broadway Furniture’s showroom, you’ll be dazzled by the array of great-looking merchandise. Our locally owned, family-run store has an extensive selection of sofas and chairs.

Fortunately, you won’t be overwhelmed by the choices, at least not for long. Our salespeople’s knowledge is as deep as our stock. We’re a longtime Portland furniture store. Our team has the experience to help you choose just the right items for your home.

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether fabric or leather furniture is a better choice. Each has advantages.

The best sofa or chair is the one that works for your family. You should buy furniture that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider in the debate about fabric versus leather furniture:

Advantages of Fabric Furniture

It’s Cozy: Fabric upholstery is soft, warm and comfortable. If you want to sink into an overstuffed chair, fabric is the way to go. A plush sofa or chair is perfect for movie night, story time or good old-fashioned napping. Some fabrics are softer than others, of course. Find your favorite by visiting our showroom to test drive different sofas.

It Resists Stains: Most of today’s fabrics are treated to shed dirt and moisture. These finishes make cleaning a breeze. In addition, fabric sofas and chairs usually have removable cushions. It’s easy to take off the cushions to vacuum out crumbs, dust and hair. Some fabrics are quite durable and will look nice for many years.

It Comes in Lots of Colors: Looking for a purple floral couch? Do you like brown and tan checks? You can find a fabric in just about any color and pattern you want. If you like prints, patterns and colors, you’ll need to choose fabric furniture.

Advantages of Leather Furniture

It’s Easy to Clean: Leather resists spills and odors better than fabric. You can generally mop up moisture from a leather cushion without worrying about stains. Leather is good for people who have allergies because it won’t harbor dust mites or pet dander. If you have pets, you can quickly remove fur from the furniture with just a dust rag. Many, but not all, animals don’t like leather and will stay away from it.

It’s Durable: Leather is a tough material, and though it can get scratched, it often looks even better as it ages. If you’re easy on your furniture, a leather sofa or chair can look like new for many years. Most fabrics don’t age as well as leather. Cloth isn’t as durable, and it begins to look faded and threadbare over time.

It Looks So Good: Nothing looks, feels and smells quite like high-quality leather furniture. Real leather has substance. The colors are rich and deep. Leather furniture comes in both traditional and modern styles, but whatever the design, it gives a room a high-end look.

Broadway Furniture, formerly in downtown Portland, has a bright new store in Tigard. Visit our showroom or send us an email. We’ll help you find the perfect chair or sofa for your home.

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