When you learned you were having a baby, you probably decorated his nursery to reflect your hopes and dreams. Now that he’s ready for a big-boy room, it’s time to redecorate according to your little man’s tastes and personality.

If, like so many kids, he loves sports, why not surround him with his favorite things. You can go all out with a theme, adding wall murals, displaying jerseys and including sports-themed decorations in every corner. Or, you can add touches here and there that show your boy’s love of sports while leaving room for other interests.

While we’re focusing on boys here, these ideas are also great for a girl who loves sports. Learn more about designing a princess-style room in our earlier blog post.


When it’s time for your little guy to move from a crib to a twin or bunk bed, you have lots of options. You can’t go wrong with a classic headboard. A richly hued wooden bed frame will make him feel all grown up.

If you choose a traditional style, your son isn’t locked into a theme should he want to redecorate. Some models come with shelves where you can stock all his favorite collectibles, books and toys.

Does your boy have a favorite sport? In addition to our classic twin beds, Broadway Furniture has fun sport-themed headboards. They come in the shapes and colors of baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls and footballs. We also carry a race-car bed.


Pick up a dresser or desk to match a wood bed frame. Once you have the major pieces in place, choose sport-themed accessories to add interest.

If you’re going with a novelty headboard, consider painting a dresser to carry on the theme. For example, if your son chooses a soccer ball headboard, paint his dresser black and white. If he gets a race car bed in blue or red, repeat the colors on his dresser.


Paint is an easy way to get creative. Consider painting a mural. You can do this yourself or hire an artist. Paint a wall-sized image of a baseball diamond or football field. Or, keep it simple by adding stripes in a favorite team’s colors. You can also find wallpaper covered in various sport’s images.

If a mural isn’t an option, paint in a color that goes with the other decor and add trim or artwork to bring out the sports theme. Group framed posters, photos and art for a gallery wall. If your son as earned trophies or medals, be sure to find a way to display these in his room.


Throw rugs, bedding, pillows and window coverings dress up your boy’s bedroom while keeping him cozy. You can find fabrics and carpets printed with all sorts of sport-related images. With textiles, this is another place where you have the choice of taking it to the max or keeping it simple. Sometimes adding a few well-placed sporty touches is the best way to express a theme without overdoing the look.

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