Teens love to experiment with different looks, both in fashion and in their bedroom decor. Just as with clothing, it’s good to give your teen some autonomy. At the same time, you’ll want to set limits.

When it comes to their bedroom, provide them with good quality furniture. With the basics in place, your teen can try out different looks with art, accessories, paint and textiles. Here are ideas for helping a teen create a place where they’ll love to spend time.

Tip #1: Let them express their personality.

Design trends come and go. But your teenager’s personality is  unique.  Allow them to express themselves in the space where they feel comfortable and secure. Regardless of how big or small the space, every teen room needs to have the following:

  • A place to study, such as a desk or table
  • An area to hang out with friends, including chairs or a sofa
  • Somewhere to sleep, this could be a twin, double or even a wall bed.
  • Shelves for their collections or things they love
  • Dressers and storage for their clothing and other belongings

Encourage a teen to make their room both functional and stylish.   

Tip #2: Keep colors in mind.

Teens often appreciate vibrant rooms that have a lots of color. A wall is the biggest area where you can use color. Decide together on some colors that could work. Some ideas could be to paint just one wall a bright color or use removable wall decals to help brighten the area. You can also get a custom-printed wall design. If your teen doesn’t want to make such a bold statement, find other ways to add color. Use bright rugs, colorful pillows, accent chairs or bedding to add color and pattern.

Tip #3: Don’t forget storage space.

Messy rooms are common for the average teenager. Help your teen stay organized by providing several storage options inside the room. Ample storage helps a teen keep their space neat and frees up space where they can relax with their friends. Consider using bins that easily slide under the bed, storage benches or ottomans, or a cabinet that can go around or next to the bed.

Redecorating a room can be a great way for your teenager to express themselves and assert their independence. Take the decorating on together, and you’ll also have a fun family project.

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