In recent years, we’ve seen the takeoff of tiny houses. This is more common with millennials, who saw their parents lose a lot from their mortgages during the recent recession. Not to mention, many of them are paying off student debts or in the early stages of their careers, and thus choosing to live in something more economical.

We wanted to give some decorating tips that aren’t particular to tiny houses, but to living in any type of tiny space. You’ll be surprised – there’s a ton of stuff you can do in just a limited space.

1. Install built-in drawers

Often something like freestanding furniture can take up a lot of room. Installing a built-in dresser could create tons of room for you. If you don’t have the chops to take care of it yourself, you can hire a local carpenter to do the work professionally.

2. Influence the size with lighting

It’s amazing what a bit of light can do – well, in the right places at least. If you use soft lighting and position it in different directions, it can have the effect of blurring the edges of your room. That could, in turn, make it feel larger. Similarly, you can use a lower-wattage overhead light to create a more calming ambience in the room as well.

3. Consider furniture used for dual purposes

One that comes to mind is a double-duty desk, which can act as your work station as well as your nightstand (if it’s not too big). Other examples are a Murphy bed, headboards with storage space, or a dresser that can support your TV and electronics.

4. Be resourceful with the wall space

Since you don’t have much in terms of surface area, you’ll have to go vertical when it comes to storage and such. Some ideas are floating shelves to hold your books, small buckets and baskets to keep knickknacks, or even hooks and/or rods to hang certain items.

5. Use colors to your advantage

If you limit the color palette, you can actually create the illusion of having more space in the room. With similar hues for the bedding, furniture and walls, it may seem like the bedroom is larger. You can even add a few items of contrasting color to give the room some spice.

Many people turn out to enjoy small spaces – at the very least, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up large messes all the time!

For more decorating ideas, you can check out our bedroom furniture selection or even feel free to come into the store.

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