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If you’re on the lookout for couches for sale in Portland, then Broadway is, once again, the place for you! We’re just over the highway from Portland, and Tigard is a big part of the Portland metropolitan area. So a search for couches for sale in Portland should lead you right to our front door.

Couches in Portland OR

Let’s take a quick step back for a moment and discuss just what a couch actually is. For many people, a couch is a catch-all term for a variety of different furniture items. For example, some folks are looking for a couch in Portland, Oregon, although what they really want is a sofa. Other shoppers looking for couches for sale in Portland, Oregon, may ultimately end upA modern sofa sectional that is gray with black trim purchasing a sectional or a loveseat.

Our goal at Broadway Furniture is to get you precisely the item you’re dreaming about at a great price. And we excel at customizing everything from colors and fabrics to the number of sections in the sectional. We’ve even helped customize couches for homes that have odd-angled living spaces and constricted entryways.

Long story short: No matter what you call your couch, we’ll find you the perfect item for you!

Broadway Service

And our service doesn’t stop with the sale. No — at Broadway Furniture, we want to earn your business for life. We’ve been selling furniture in Portland since way back in 1935. You can count on us to continue providing you with high-quality couches and other pieces of furniture along with standard-setting customer service that is always standing by to answer any questions you may have about your furniture?

Need help measuring for a couch? We can help?

Need someone to recommend trusted furniture brands? We have lots of recommendations!

Unsure if a certain couch will fit in a certain space? Let us help!

Broadway Furniture is ready to find you the perfect couch in Portland — or anywhere, for that matter. With popular and stylish brands at the ready — Ashley Furniture, Coaster, Jonathan Louis, Omnia, Casual Home, Southern Motion, Leather Italia, Stylecraft, and more! — there’s sure to be something just right for you at Broadway.

Let us know how we can serve you. And thank you for visiting with us today.