Many older homes around Portland have beautiful wood floors. To carpet over a wood floor in great shape would be a shame. That’s where area rugs come in. An area rug adds warmth during Oregon’s wet, cool weather while complementing the natural style of wood flooring. Even more important, an area rug gives your two- and four-footed rug rats the opportunity to live up to their label!

Beyond comfort and style, however, an area rug can instantly define a space. If you’re struggling with your home’s decor, get a rug. It’ll add color and guide you in furniture placement.

How to Choose the Right Size Rug

Size it the most important consideration when buying a rug. Sizes and shapes vary, but standard dimensions include 5 x 8, 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 feet. Here’s how to choose the size:

Start by measuring your space. You can measure the entire floor or just the spot where you want to place the rug. For example, if you have an open floor plan, you’ll most likely be creating zones or areas. A rug can help you define spaces within a large room. In that case, you don’t need to measure the whole room.

Next, think about your furniture and how you use the room in question. Visualize the rug and furniture as one unit. Each piece needs to work together to create a comfortable and functional space.

Living or Family Rooms

A living area rug should be in the center of the main furniture arrangement. For example, place a coffee table in the middle of the rug with seating arranged around the edges. You can position furniture on or off the rug. You’ll need a large rug if you want all the furniture to sit on top.  For a pulled-together look, it’s best to buy a carpet that’s big enough to accommodate at least the front legs of all the chairs and sofas. If the rug is too small, it will look like a little mat in the center of the room.

Dining Area

Measure your dining table and add at least 3 feet to its length and width, or 3 feet to the diameter of a round table. The rug needs to be large enough to hold the table with the chairs pulled out. If your dining room is small, consider buying a carpet that fills nearly the entire space, leaving just a few inches of bare floor between wall and rug edge.


Your rug should provide a soft, warm spot when you get out of bed. You can get a small rug that’s just right for keeping your feet toasty on cold Oregon mornings. Look for a luxurious faux fur or fluffy piece and keep your slipper nearby. If you prefer something bigger, the next step up is a rug that sits beneath the bed, extending about 2 feet on either side. The rug doesn’t have to run the length of the bed. If you have nightstands and a bench or ottoman, consider a rug large enough to include their combined area.

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