Some people say dining rooms are relics of a more formal age. Today many Oregonians prefer eating in a kitchen or on a sofa in the family room. But even if you prefer a casual eating style, a good solid dining table is a must for your Portland-area home. A dining table is a perfect place to rejuvenate, talk over the day and enjoy time with your family.

If it’s time to invest in a dining table, how do you know which one is right for you?

How to Choose a Dining Table

Because a table gets daily use and should last for years, buy the best quality you can afford. Broadway Furniture has a selection of well-crafted, affordable tables. Whether you’re looking for a dining room or a kitchen, here’s what to look for:

Size: Choose a table that seats your family with wiggle room for one or two more. An extender, a piece that you can add to the middle, gives you more seating when you need it. Measure the area where the table will go. Allow enough room for chairs.

Shape: Round tables work well for small spaces. They have flexible seating because it’s easy to add another chair. Rectangles, squares and ovals are also possibilities. In many cases, it’s the shape of a room that will determine the geometry of your table.

Quality: A hardwood table is more durable than a one made from a manufactured wood. Mahogany, oak, maple, walnut and teak are sturdy, beautiful and can last for decades. Many tables are made with a combination of wood and composite. These tables can also be long-lasting.

Glass Tops: Glass-top tables work well if you prefer a modern decor or if you want a light, airy look in your room. Look for one with tempered glass that resists shattering.

Rustic Wood: Weathered wood is a favorite now and looks right in casual or industrial decor. An advantage of a rustic table is that you won’t stress about knicks and scratches.

Color: You can’t go wrong with classic hues. If you crave color, choose a richly toned wood. Some colors are hard to maintain. White and black are striking, but tend to show marks and fingerprints.

Casual or Formal: Choose a style that meshes with your decor. Most kitchen tables are casual. You can furnish a dining room in any style, from rustic to a formal marble or granite-topped piece.

Serving Oregon Families Since 1935

Broadway Furniture is a locally-owned business. We offer a selection of dining tables, right for your home. Visit our Tigard, Oregon store to see our styles and prices.

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