Guy Lipscomb was an expert in sales, finances, and marketing, and Larry Todd was an expert in manufacturing and operations. The two of them came together in 1996 with a revolutionary furniture concept – a method for creating pristine, reclining furniture that can endure many years. The result was Southern Motion, an award-winning company that, 20 years later, is still going strong.

Guy and Larry wanted to make reclining furniture better than anyone else ever had. Guy and his wife came up with the name of the company while they were browsing different paintings. The name “Southern Motion” spoke strongly about the company’s identity, as they felt it completely embodied the image of comfort they were looking for.

Southern Motion Furniture is amongst the most coveted when people are decorating their living rooms. Most furniture retailers sell them online. That said, at Broadway Furniture, we sell many different collections of Southern Motion Furniture. The advantage with coming in the store is, of course, that you can physically test the furniture yourself.


Southern Motion offers you reasonably priced furniture for the highest quality: sectionals, sofas, chairs, home theater seats, and loveseats, all in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and designs to fit whatever your home decor calls for. The selection of recliners offers rocking recliners, high-leg recliners, laying flat recliners, wall-hugging recliners, and many more.

What seems to be keeping this brand thriving is their selection of home theater furniture, which is updating constantly. Creatively shaped arms trimmed with French seamed detail, the Viva chairs can look great either individually or grouped for family and friends.

Southern Motion offers plenty of different collections to choose from, each with their own specifically designed pieces. Some of their most popular collections include the Allure, full of rich-chocolate, leather furniture. All of the headrests in the recliners are extremely easy to move as the bases aren’t difficult to separate.

Another collection, deemed Dazzle, offers some gorgeous sectionals in bright, red leather. Most of the recliners are motorized, and reviews show that they are surprisingly quiet and easy to operate. The headrests are also simple to adjust and the comfort provided by each one voids the need of an extra pillow (unless of course you’re wanting to add a touch of flare).

Furniture delivery expectations are also met and the people hired to deliver your furniture will demonstrate expertise in assembling the items for you, at no extra charge. You can always count on a high level of care when handling the pieces, too.

Make a trip into Broadway Furniture and test out a recliner for yourself. You absolutely won’t regret it!

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