No matter where you find your dream furniture — whether it’s in our fabulous and welcoming showroom or online at — we’ll make sure you’re satisfied. Buying furniture online vs. in-store, however, is a debate that continues to gain traction as more and more customers become comfortable with shopping in the virtual world as opposed to the physical one.

Still, no matter how comfortable we’ve all become with shopping online, many people prefer to shop for certain items in person. This is especially true when it comes to certain big-ticket items, such as cars, homes, or large pieces of furniture. Just like test driving a car or visiting an open house, people want to know the sofa they’re interested in buying is as comfortable as it looks in the website pictures.

And that’s really the crux of it, isn’t it? Many folks search for an item online and then visit the store to give it a test run.

This is really the best of both worlds, especially for a furniture store like Broadway, which has an inventory that simply won’t fit in a single storefront, no matter how large. (And our showroom is pretty big!) Our customers can shop online at their leisure and then give us a call to find out if we have it available in the store.

Most of the time, the answer is YES! Other times, we have to secure the item from one of our West Coast warehouses.

Broadway Furniture in Tigard

If you’re still wondering about buying furniture online vs. in-store, we do suggest you come in for a visit. If you live anywhere in the Portland metro area — and this includes Vancouver, Washington, and the greater Clark County metro area — we’re not too far away. We’re just off the highway, making the commute even easier.

So come on in, take our pieces for a test drive. If you don’t see something you want, then we can talk it through together. We have a wide range of pieces, so you’re sure to have a great furniture shopping experience.

We’re dedicated to finding — and customizing! — just the right pieces of furniture for our clients.

Online stores, online retailers, and online shopping can be fun and convenient for those online shoppers. Many purchases online come with great rates on shipping costs or even free shipping for purchased furniture. But there is something to be said for visiting a brick and mortar store to see firsthand that living room or dining room set you’re interested in.

Whichever method of shopping you choose, you can rest assured that we’ll be here in the physical store waiting for either you or your order to come through. Let us know if you have any questions. All of us here at Broadway Furniture look forward to serving you.

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