When one visits our main showroom, one can’t help but notice the excellent selection of quality furniture from top brands and designers. But something else might stand out even more than that admittedly robust selection: a Broadway Furniture sailboat!

A sailboat in a Tigard furniture store? What’s that about?

Good question — and one we never get tired of answering.

Turns out that sailboat was built by hand — just like our furniture business. And it was built by hand by a member of the family — again, just like our furniture business.

Harry Shleifer opened Broadway Furniture in 1935. The original store was in Portland — a “blue-collar store,” as Harry described it. He wanted to build a business that would cater to the furniture needs of the working class — quality furniture available at affordable prices.

From those humble beginnings, Harry was able to grow a business into multiple locations. Success was hard-won, but it came in time, and it allowed Harry to teach the furniture business to his son, Ken, who now runs Broadway Furniture in Tigard.

Harry was a man of many interests — among them, bodybuilding and sailing!

Matter of fact, he served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, so seafaring was not necessarily foreign to him.

Using his own tools and materials, Harry built that sailboat in the Shleifer family’s backyard. It saw lots of action in those days. And now it sits near the entrance of Broadway Furniture’s main showroom.

(We just opened an additional showroom across the parking lot, by the way!)

History and Legacy

Thus, that sailboat is a symbol of the history and legacy of the Shleifer family and its connection to the community. It ties the past to the present — and the present to the future.

Plus, it makes sense in a Pacific Northwest kind of way. After all, we remain tied to the water — via our numerous streams, creeks, and rivers — all leading to the great Pacific Ocean and the stunning headlands and vistas that make up this part of the world.

We’re proud to carry on the legacy that Harry established back in 1935. We hope you can visit us soon. Say hello, and let us know that you learned about our sailboat by visiting our website blog.

And be sure to bring the kids in when you visit our two showrooms. Kids love the sailboat. After all, it’s not often you see a sailboat indoors — inside a furniture store at that!

As always, we look forward to seeing you. Let us know how we can help you.

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