In this modern consumer culture, there’s often a sameness to many products, services, and experiences. It’s refreshing to come across a business that truly offers something different.

Truth is, you can buy furniture anywhere. What you can’t buy just anywhere is the attention to detail that informs every decision Broadway Furniture makes.

That’s what sets us apart. And it holds true whether we’re talking about our selection, our satisfaction guarantee, or the way we treat our customers when they walk through our door.

We consider it a privilege to serve you, and we’re honored you’ve chosen to visit us.

Why Broadway Furniture Is The Best

You’ll notice a difference the moment you walk into our furniture store in Tigard, Oregon. (We’re minutes from just about anywhere in the Portland metro area.)

The first thing you’ll notice is just how spacious our showroom is. In a neat trick of architectural ingenuity and floor design, our high-ceilinged, multiroom furniture store looks much bigger inside than out.

The next thing you likely notice is how thoughtfully the store is laid out, with walking spaces that allow visitors to meander from one section of the store to another.

The third thing you might notice is the enormous sailboat that dominates the center of the showroom and stretches upward to a central skylight. Broadway Furniture’s founder, Harry Shleifer, built that boat by hand.

Finally, you’ll notice our prices, which simply can’t be beaten — whether you’ve visited other furniture stores in the area or do most of your shopping online.

Trust The Broadway Difference

Not only does Broadway Furniture offer the best selection at the lowest prices, but we’ll also leave you to it — meaning we’ll greet you when you come in and thank you for stopping by when you leave. But we’ll never, ever pressure you or hassle you while you’re browsing our store.

We’ll be close by to answer any questions, though. And we’re happy to provide recommendations. Many of our items are fully customizable, so you can mix and match colors, fabrics, and styles.

A lot can change for a customer over time: new jobs, new homes, new babies! We like to think of Broadway Furniture as growing along with your family. Whatever you need for your changing lifestyle, we can provide it.

Long story short: We’re glad you’re here, and we want to make you a Broadway Furniture customer for life! Feel free to browse at your leisure — either in the store or at

Furniture Know-How

Broadway will never lead you astray. We know what goes into good quality furniture — everything from drawer construction and hardwood frames to the feel and texture of the cushions.

Our knowledgable staff can help you find just the right piece of furniture and explain to you why one piece might be better for you than another.

Usually, it comes down to materials and construction. For example, whether a sofa is held together with glue or dowels; or whether steel-spring construction can withstand years of heavy use.

Broadway Furniture definitely sweats the details! We can tell you why pre-compressed foam won’t break down like its non-compressed counterpart. And, if you’re interested, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of polyurethane density and how that affects furniture comfort and durability.

We even know all about “wear testing” machines, which simulate years of compression on different types of furniture, mattresses, and fabrics.

Quality Furniture, Superior Customer Service, and Great Prices

Finally, if you visit us or our website often, you’ll see that our stock is constantly updated. Ken travels frequently to furniture shows and, based on customer feedback, returns with some of the sturdiest and most beautiful furniture built by an amazing assortment of furniture manufacturers.

Ken listens to his customers, so he knows what they need and — often more importantly — what they’ll want.

Please contact Broadway Furniture with any questions!

Better yet, stop by our furniture store in Tigard today to see what a difference the Broadway Way can really make.

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