Casual Home at Broadway Furniture is a truly made-in-Oregon success story. That’s because Portland-based manufacturer Casual Home furniture produces this line of exclusive, high-quality upholstered furniture just for Broadway in Tigard.

The partnership has won many admirers among Oregon’s furniture aficionados. And it’s no wonder when you take a moment to examine the fine details.

In keeping with Broadway Furniture’s focus on providing its customers with exactly what they’re looking for in quality furniture, Casual Home is truly custom. Its craftspeople build sofas and chairs to nearly any dimension, allowing for an extraordinary level of personalization.

Morton Sofa from Casual Home

Morton Sofa from Casual Home

In fact, the craftspeople are so skilled that they can literally incorporate our customers’ own styles and body characteristics into truly one-of-a-kind creations.

Broadway Furniture, Casual Home, and You

At Broadway Furniture, we think that one of the reasons why Casual Home furniture is so popular with our customers is because they reflect the environmental aesthetic of the great and beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Casual Homes builds frames using red oak and alder woods sustainably sourced from the Pacific Northwest’s temperate forests.

The furniture’s sinuous springs are constructed from recycled steel. And the company manufactures the foams and fillings in the cushions right here in Portland, Oregon, too!

Alton Sofa by Casual Home to illustrate Casual Home At Broadway Furniture

Alton Sofa by Casual Home

Plus, expert craftspeople build these sofas and other items to last a lifetime. And they all come with a warranty reflective of that durability.

With sustainable sourcing of top-shelf materials, customization to fit any budget and style, and functionality to wow you for a lifetime, Casual Home is where it’s at. And where it’s at is Broadway Furniture. Exclusively!

Functional, affordable, and truly green, Broadway Furniture is proud to feature these fine products. We’re here to help you find something to love and admire for many years to come. So stop by Broadway Furniture today for a look and a furniture test drive.

You’ll notice our superior customer service from the moment you walk in our door until the moment we arrive at yours to deliver your new furniture.

Top-notch customer service, unbeatable prices, free local delivery and, of course, our famous Broadway Furniture guarantee. What more could you ask for? We’re just a few minutes from anywhere. Come say hello!