Here’s the good news: you can do a ton of things with 200 square feet (and maybe your studio apartment is bigger than that).

With the right furniture, you can actually create space. Sounds impossible, right? Hear us out.

small staircase in micro studioYour furniture can influence your studio space greatly in terms of how you perceive it as well as how people can function throughout the space. We aren’t talking smaller furniture, necessarily, just pieces that use the space best to maximize its use.

We’ll skip the obvious pieces, like beds. That’s the constant in an apartment (if you’re really in a bind you can get a wall bed). Instead, we’ll direct you to the furniture that can immediately enhance your space.

1. Bookshelf

The bookshelf is the easiest and most efficient way to create separation between two areas. The fact that it’s also multi-functional, serving as space for your books or even for decorative pieces, means it can really add flavor to the studio.

low coffee table in living room2. Low coffee tables

Low coffee tables, especially those in the style of midcentury design, are a classic piece used by interior designers as they make windows and ceilings seem higher. Remember, if you can’t create space horizontally, it still helps to create it vertically.

3. Modular sofa

We’ve seen people use versatile pieces like the modular sofa as a means to turn a living room into a dining room. They can also give variation to the room in general, so you can rearrange and redecorate without doing anything too drastic.

4. Rug

Rugs create the appearance of separation. Generally in a studio apartment you have the bed and the sofa. A rug is a classic way to indicate where the sleeping space ends and where the leisure space begins. These small mental cues are important when living in a smaller space.

5. Expanding tables

You see the multi-use functionality of expanding tables in this article. For this particular style, one piece serves as a food prep station, a work station and then a dining section. These are even sold as expanding coffee tables, which can also convert into dining tables as well.

It’s really quite spectacular, the various ways that people have designed their studio apartments. Even those in micro-studios, where space is limited to 200-feet, people have found furniture pieces that make the space not just livable but one where you can actually host and entertain guests.

Once you have the furniture, you can read our piece about decorating tiny bedrooms, which teaches you tips (beyond furniture) that can expand your perception of your space.

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