How does one determine the best bedroom layout? What must one take into account? Floor space and floor plan, square footage, bedroom size, bedroom furniture, extra space, natural light … ?

Or is it all this and more?

The good news is that one doesn’t have to hire a team of interior designers or a freelance writer for a design magazine to brainstorm layout ideas and design ideas for your master bedroom — or your kid’s small bedroom, for that matter. All it takes to create a room design that works for you is a little forethought.

Your bedroom is a place that you spend a lot of hours in. For rest and relaxation. For recharging. For book reading, TV watching, and general chillin’ — if you’re not deep in sleep.

Finding the best bedroom layout for you and your family can make all the difference in the room’s comfort. Turning your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary is important.

Here are some things to keep in mind when determining the best bedroom layout.

Best Bedroom Layout Considerations

There are several important bedroom layout ideas to consider before you start moving your whole bedroom around. Below you will find the top three factors to keep in mind to determine what the best bedroom design layout is for you.

#1: Measure and map bedroom layout.

Before you know what can fit where, you will need to know how much space you have to work with. Using a tape measure, map out the dimensions of the room, accounting for doors, closets, and windows that you don’t want to block.

Write the dimensions on a piece of paper, then start mapping what can fit in the different parts of the room. This process is easier than it sounds, so don’t be discouraged from getting things off to a good and accurate start.

#2: Know how you plan on using the space.

Every family is different, so how you lay out your bedroom will also depend on who uses the space.

Will there be a seating area with a comfortable chair? Do you have bedside tables? Do you want to make the room feel larger? Is there a piece of furniture that would be better utilized in another room?

How many people will spend time in the bedroom? Is the space for children or adults? Do you want the room to be only for sleep and relaxation, or do you want to plan for a television, eating breakfast in bed, or working from home?

Keep in mind how you want to use the space when you are determining what is most important in the layout.

#3: Keep general rules in mind.

Make sure you consider traffic patterns in the room, making room for space that is neutral and allows for enough movement.

Next, make sure you find the room’s focal point — whether that’s a window, a wall that you want to accentuate, or a fireplace. The focal point is something that people naturally are drawn to when they first walk in. Focus on that area and then build the design based on that area.

Also, consider how you can add some definition to the space. One of the best ways to do that is by using rugs.  

If your bedroom furniture needs a complete refresh, or you simply need a new headboard or accent furniture to finish the room to its final design, Broadway Furniture has everything you need.

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