When you move into a smaller apartment or bedroom, space is valuable and thus people are opting for wallbeds—or, Murphy beds—as a great way to create more of it. The question is: are you sacrificing your quality of sleep for the sake of having more space in your apartment?

Basically, are wall beds actually comfortable?

The short answer is yes.

When picking a mattress, you inherently have less room than a typical box spring. In years past, the mattress technology wasn’t quite there yet, so these thinner mattresses meant you were sleeping on something with less support (think of those nights sleeping on the pullout couch and waking up with the spring right in your back).

Now, since newer mattresses can be both thinner and more comfortable, you can get the same quality night’s sleep on a wall bed as you can on a normal bed.

Are wall beds more comfortable than sofa beds?

Back to that image of seeing the pullout couch. Granted, sofa beds (or futons) have improved dramatically in terms of comfort. But think about it: they are generally used for guests, right? Sofa beds are a perfectly suitable option for sleeping, but most people prefer the comfort of a wall bed.

Can you just install one into an apartment?

A hidden wallbedThough called wallbeds, these aren’t actually a part of your wall. Most are freestanding units. Some can even come as a hidden wallbed and function as other pieces of furniture, like an office desk or dining table.

Some people will build a frame into the wall to hold the bed, though, as it provides extra support.

Things to keep in mind when buying a wall bed:

  • Make sure you can fold it up and down easily
  • Buy bedsheets and covers that can fit inside once you fold it up
  • Most people prefer a 1-foot parameter surrounding the wall bed – this gives you enough space to move around
  • You might opt for professional installation – this is a big piece of furniture and definitely requires more than one person

Come to Broadway Furniture for wallbeds

We have a selection of wallbeds that suit most room colors and layouts. They come in different materials, sizes and styles. We even offer delivery for local customers.

You can browse our online catalogue of bedroom furniture or just come and visit our store for yourselves.

If you have a question about our stock, you can call us at (503) 281-5555.

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