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At Broadway Furniture, innovative technology meets exquisite design. The clean lines and quality craftsmanship of our motion furniture will literally WOW you. In our showroom, you can easily explore the motion furniture options for your family room, bedroom, and even a home theater setup

The motion furniture market is rapidly growing. This type of furniture is among the most preferred designs to put in your home. Whether you are searching for a motion reclining sofa, sectional, recliner chair, or home movie theater seats, we offer great prices on both hand-operated and motorized recliner choices.

Buying Motion Furniture

First, determine which motion furniture you want for your room. We have a variety of motion sofas to choose from, but of course, you want one that’s going to work with your room, since you will be spend quite a bit of time with it.

The key to designing a comfortable, stylish room using motion furniture is focusing on the space available in your room. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the size and shape of the motion furniture. Motion furniture usually takes up a lot of space, so these pieces will need to be placed with some considerations on your part.

Buying Leather Motion Furniture

We offer a wide assortment of quality fabric and leather upholstered furniture for your living areas.

With beautifully stitched details, our leather motion furniture is built to last. High density foam, hardwood frames, stainless steel accents, heavy duty spring construction, and full grain leathers.

Depending on the style, the leather match upholstery features top-grain leather in the seating areas with skillfully matched vinyl everywhere else.

The softest, smoothest leather might feel very desirable, but can be impractical for for people with young children and pets.

Finished leather with a shiny coating feels less soft, but offers more protection against spills and dirt.

A dark brown leather blend upholstery, plush padding, pillow arms, and contemporary lines create a sophisticated style ideal for entertaining.

There are built-in serving and storage options include the center seat of the sofa that can convert to a drop-down table.

Some sofa’s offer a drop-down table, and houses massage controls for each reclining unit. The massage system has a single motor in the reclining backs.

A dual reclining loveseat may feature a center console with two cupholders and a compartment for storage.

With the curved wedge, the sofa sectional is great for hosting game day events or watching movies in a media room.

Motion Furniture Safety

While a great deal of care and thought has gone into its design, motion furniture, recliner chairs, and sleeper systems, have lots of moving components, so care has to be used when opening and closing.

Children should not be permitted to operate any motion furniture or sleeper reclining mechanisms.

Always leave recliners and sleepers in an upright and shut position, when not being used.

Keep hands, as well as feet, clear of any moving mechanism. It is important that only  the user operate the recliner chairs.

Southern Motion Furniture

We are a certified dealer of Southern Motion Furniture Motion furniture

Southern Motion Furniture is a manufacturer of high-quality reclining furniture. The company was founded in 1996 in Pontotoc, Mississippi by Guy Lipscomb and Larry Todd. The furniture brand name is called “Southern Motion”, from the time when Guy and his wife, Sandy, were shopping and saw a painting entitled “Southern Motion” by a Birmingham, Alabama artist. Along with being the inspiration for the company’s name, the painting captured the idea of comfortable and relaxing furniture.

Designing Your Room With Motion Furniture Video

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